Where is Marina Bay

Where is Marina Bay

Located in the city of Singapore, Marina Bay, a 360-hectare expansion, forms a captivating scenery that represents the modern and trendy leisure facets. Marina bay came into existence when the government of Singapore decided to reclaim their land. The resort hosts some of the city’s unique architectural symbols. Examples include; the attractively durian-shaped Esplanade and the beautifully-elevated Marina Bay Sands Hotel. With spectacular architectural designs such as the Sands Skypark, it forms one of the fascinating sceneries in the world.

Whenever there is a mentioning of Singapore, Marina Bay always comes in the rearview.  The tourist and leisure destination fills up with endless and exciting activities. Some people refer to Marina Bay as their home. Some work there day and night, while others just adore the entire facility to consider it their home.

Situated within Singapore’s Central Business District, Marina bay forms the area that covers the Bay itself. The Marina East, Marina South, Downtown Core, and the Straits View, are the four planning perimeters that surround the Bay. You can quickly identify with the scenery through its scenic waterfronts, decorated with artistic carvings, which directs you to the water’s boundary of the Marina Reservoir. Here, you will discover exciting activities like; dragon boat races, kite fliers, and several musical shows.

The 3.5 kilometers waterfront walkway located at the city’s center represents the Marina Bay. The resort forms the ultimate place of rest, where you can enjoy both nature and human creations. They are three breeze havens aligned along the way. The smooth breeze that keeps heat away comes about from the substantial solar-powered fans. Whenever you want to identify with the Marina Bay, remember the famous landmark buildings connected to the resort. They include the Marina Bay Sands, Asia Square, and the Marina Bay Financial Center.

The Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) envisages Marina Bay as a major resort within the CBD. It is a day and night station meant for recreation, and also purposefully for living and working. Connected to the youth Olympic park, Marina Bay is a visitor-friendly destination. People visiting the resort often discover amazing features and also get involved in memorable activities.

Events such as the national parade day, Singapore’s fireworks celebrations, New Year eve’s countdowns, and other festivals take place at Marina Bay. The presence of the float Bay makes all these events to happen. Besides, the URA branded the Bay in the year 2005. The aim was to create significant developments within the area. It is where the name, ‘Marina Bay’ came about.

The Bay is also home to freshwater. It hosts the Marina Barrage built by the year 2008. This feature enabled the conversion of the basin to a downtown Marina Reservoir constituting of the freshwater. Importantly, the barrage is also a source of a flood control site that also forms a center of attraction.

Marina Bay, everyone’s ultimate resort in Singapore, represents the long-term vision of land reclamation in the city. The reclaimed portion forms what constitutes today’s Marina Bay Center. The Bay’s positioning is where it was previously the Telok Ayer Basin, that got scrapped off Singapore’s map years back.

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