Where is marina bay sands

Where is marina bay sands

When you heard about the marina bay sands, you might wonder where marina bay sands actually is! Let’s find out some information on it. Marina Bay Sands is quite famous and had been the talk of the town on its opening. If you are a tourist going to Singapore anytime soon, this place might be on your list. If not, read on below for more information to get an idea about it.

Location and Address of Marina Bay Sands

It is located in Singapore. It is at the Bayfront Subzone, Downtown Core. The address of Marina Bay Sands is 10 Bayfront Avenue. If you are planning a visit to Singapore and want to see this place, now you know where to go.

Signature Attractions at Marina Bay Sands

The signature attractions at Marina Bay Sands include The Sands Expo and Convention Centre, Bay Floral, Marina Bay Club, SandsSkyPark and many more.

Interesting Facts on Marina Bay Sands

  • The owner of Marina Bay Sands is Las Vegas Sands corporation.
  • Marina Bay Sands was billed as one of the most expensive standalone casino property. The total cost of development including the land cost was $8 billion.
  • It has 2561 rooms. That is quite a large number of rooms and it might make you think that if you start walking how long it would take to see the entire place.
  • The designer of the resort was Moshe Shafdi and the inspiration of the design came from the deck of cards. Amazing, right!
  • It is included in the top 40 largest hotels in the world. Thus, if someone is staying here they would get a reason to boast about the trip.
  • It has an underground labyrinth, which is for the staff of Marina Bay Sands. There is a standalone 7-11, which is for the staff use only. Thus, the staff at the Marina Bay Sands would be enjoying the perks that they get.
  • Waku Ghin, a very expensive restaurant in Singapore is also in Marina Bay Sand.
  • The total gaming space at Marina Bay Sands is 160,000 sq ft.

Final Words

Singapore is an interesting city and people who travel around the world would like to see it as a tourist. When you are visiting Singapore, make a list of all the significant places. You can search for all the famous places on the internet. You can look into Marina Bay Sands and get relevant and required information to see this place as a tourist. With technological advancement, it is now possible to see a certain place online. You can watch tons of videos that can give you information on Marina Bay Sands or any other such place. You can find more information on the Marina Bay Sands by visiting the official website. It would also give you an idea of how this place is. It is also a good idea to ask other tourists about this place who have already paid a visit to Marina Bay Sands.

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