What to eat at marina bay sands

What to eat at marina bay sands

Currently, the hotel industry is growing day by day, and competition is becoming fierce. To retain market relevancy, the hotels in Singapore are making a stride in terms of improving the infrastructure and providing sumptuous meals. ┬áMarina bay sands is one of the best hotels in Singapore that boats of these facilities and cuisines. It has state of the art technology, and it also has the best meals you could prefer to take. The building is one of the most prestigious around the world since it comprises the world’s biggest casino. It has 55 floors with the inclusion of malls and restaurants that provide delicacies. There are over 60 restaurants that provide both international and local cuisines.

Let’ s look at some of the food you can get in Marina bay sands.

When visiting the Marina bay sands, you should expect to have a taste of the Singaporean foods and cuisines. Breakfast time is an ideal moment to have a taste of the famous kopi and kaya toast. Kaya toast is a toast with a swat and well-known jam called Kaya that is made up of eggs, sugar, and coconut. This jam is smeared on pieces of bread and complemented by a big chunk of butter. The fun doesn’t end there as the toast is dipped in a mixture of dark soya sauce, ground white pepper, and soft boiled eggs. Having this breakfast will help you begin your day in a good note.

Another meal that helps reduce the levels of satiety and is an absolute sensation is the satay. The contents of this meal are grilled chicken with a smoky taste and the satay sauce. The piece of chicken is dipped into the sauce, which is not too spicy. It’s a perfect day meal alongside Roti Prata. The Prata is simply flatbread grilled over and mixed with curry. The chefs in marina bay sands add decorative condiments like onion, mushroom, and cheese to achieve an authentic taste. Another meal to try out is the laksa a Peranakan dish that is famous in Singapore.

Dinner meals at the marina bay sands represent the diversity in Singapore. Some of the local meals make up the list for the most preferred meals in the hotel. Char kway is famous, and it constitutes merely of lard and lat rice noodle where the two are fried together. Hainanese chicken rice is yet another unique dish you should try out. Chilli crab is a popular Singaporean dish that Marina bay sands enjoy serving its clients. It was invented in the 1960s and has gradually evolved. Some of the ingredients of the chilli crab are vinegar, tomato paste, lemon juice, eggs, and sambal. These condiments make the sauce rich in taste and thicker. The chilli crab has a mild spicy feeling which allows foreigners to taste and enjoy the meal. The traditional chilli crab is served together with fried pieces of bread rolls that need the sauce to get the authentic and delicious taste.

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